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Al Najashi Hub aims to provide a unique virtual programme for our children in the west.   We are on the path of ongoing improvements, self purification, and self-development.  Our focus is to enable pupils to strive for excellence, become self motivated,  be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to serve their community.

The Hub is currently running virtual sessions in:

- Character Education (etiquettes, vice, virtues and moral values.)
- Islamic Studies (Prayers, Tawhid (Creed), Ablution (Wudu), Fasting, Zakat, the Sahaba, Qur’an (Tafseer) and Seerah.)

- Digital Skills (Design, IT literacy, Safe Social Media & Video editing)


One Session per week, 2 Hours (£5 per hour x 2 = £10 per session) 


Sibling Discount & sponsorship for those with low income





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